Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum

A simple foundation of core principles is the key to artistic success

The most direct path, defined in simple language, makes Art Academy education stand out against all other forms of training.

Youth Class Ages 7–12

This class offers younger students a place to begin the study of drawing fundamentals. Students will take their first footsteps on the path to developing exceptional artistic skills. Students will develop patience, mental stamina, quality control and the critical thinking necessary to progress as an artist.

Teen & Adult Classes Ages 12–Adult

This class offers teens and adults a place to begin the study of core fundamentals needed to create artwork of exceptional quality for any purpose. Scholarship level college portfolios are a natural result of this class.

Block 1: Value & Form

The oil painting process can be broken down into three moving parts: value, edge, and color. Through control of value and edge, you will learn to create the impression of light and shadow, as well as volume and depth.

Summer Intensives

4 week advanced training for the serious student. These high definition summer programs are geared to invest students with bedrock foundations as well as a reservoir of highly refined classical finishing techniques and approaches.

Summer 1: Foundation

By condensing more than a full year of standard Art Academy education into just 4 weeks of training, this high-definition program delivers fast results.

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